Engineering & Development


Our research and development team collaborates with the leaders in the industry to provide R&D services in product & process development and quality improvement. The goal of the engineering department is to incorporate the latest trends and technology in the design, development and manufacturing process to accomplish production in the smoothest, most – judicious and most-economical way. Our engineering department is also well versed with the technical know-how to develop custom dies and moulds.

We continuously remain engaged in improving our technology to keep the design and development process for dies and moulds cost-efficient. Extra focus is given to keeping the cost down for any order we receive from our clients for manufacture for different types of die casting dies and moulds.

We have also designed, developed and manufactured some of the most precise and sophisticated toolings for a wide range of industries that include Automobiles, Consumer Electronics, Electrical appliances, Home Appliances, Medical equipment, etc.

Services include –

  • Design and manufacture of precision dies and tools, moulds, jigs & fixtures, gauges, etc. and their appropriate use and maintenance.
  • Tool manufacturing using the latest technology.
  • Tool related innovations for improved product design using Rapid Prototyping Technology.
  • Precision machining and Heat Treatment.
  • Engineering for custom dimensions of dies and moulds.


Design & Development

Jain tools and Dies specialize in Design, Development and Manufacturing of high Pressure Casting Dies, Plastic Injection Moulds, Blow Moulds, Rotational Moulds, Tungsten Carbide Dies for Wire & Fastener Industries, Fixtures and Loose inserts of dies for Automobile, and parts for various other engineering industries.

The Design and development team is well versed with all the latest software that are required to develop digital prototypes of die casting dies and moulds of various varieties.

We manufacture dies and moulds from samples, reverse engineering and CAD Data provided by the customers. The Design Centre of Jain Tools and Dies is equipped with the latest Software of CAD and CAM used during the designing process of dies and moulds.

The design and development unit at Jain Tools and Dies is focused on understanding the customer’s requirement and converting the same into the industrial process. The unit is also dedicated to providing the best-upgraded information about dies and moulds by providing clients with the best materials selection, die life and after-sale service backup by maintaining the relevant data record with us.

Our Resources –

  • 1 seat solid works
  • Professional 2020
  • 4 seats Uni-graphics 11.0

Design & Development